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You, Your Shoes and 72

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Press release:
Jimmy Choo and Elton John AIDS Foundation have launched a photo competition to support the launch of Project PEP, a charity collection that donates 25% of sales to the Simelela Rape Centre in South Africa. The money goes towards providing the HIV-preventative treatment PEP (which must be taken within 72 hours of exposure to HIV) and counselling to victims of rape in South Africa, which has the highest count of rape in the world.

The overall winners will be announced after the competition close on 7th December, in just a few weeks’ time. On offer is a Grand Prize of the ultimate Jimmy Choo VIP experience – the winner will be invited to spend a day of luxury and the Jimmy Choo HQ and choose 7 pairs of shoes and 2 handbags to keep. Plus over 100 exclusive Jimmy Choo prizes will also be awarded.
The theme of the photo competition is ‘You, Your Shoes and 72’, as you can see from some of the photo entries below:
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More info here!


  1. Me encantan las fotos. Y me parece muy bien estas iniciativas.
    Pero puestos a elegir zapatos me gustan más cualquiera de los cuatro del post anterior.
    Besos desde Estella.

  2. Las fotos son preciosas y el proyecto genial¡
    Elijo el bolso de los flecos para la noche,el del patchwork (que me encanta) para el dia¡
    tacones...el numero dos arriba¡Aunque los veo demasiado altos¡
    Beso guapa:

  3. A great project I agree and love your choices too!!

  4. Nunca pensé que diría esto: pero me gutan los amarillos!!

  5. Me ha encantado la idea del proyecto... chulísimo! coincido totalmente con la elección de Delia ;)

  6. These are totally fabulous!

    So, I need to enlist your help. I am looking to create a world wide hair stylist guide to post as a permanent fixture on my blog. I know you're in the "know" so I thought you could come on over and contribute any info you have....also if you'd like to spread the word to anyone with a passion for beauty/hair, I would really appreciate it! Here's the link:


  7. Maravillosa iniciativa!!
    Voy a visitar las fotos porque hay algunas chulísimas!
    bsos y buen finde!!

  8. Es genial estas iniciativas que los famoso hacen, lo veo genial, el mundo necesita ayuda y alguien que los alerte, y sin duda esta es una de las mejores formas!
    Me gustan tus escollas, ;D

    Buen finde :)


  9. It would seem a great project, however, being from South Africa I know it is for a lost course as our president believes if you take a shower after intercourse with an infected person, you are cured. Our previous minister of health believed that a diet of beetroot and garlic cures aids. Some ppl believe if you rape a baby of 9 months or there about, you are immune to aids. All in the everyday life of a "new" south african.

    Now do you see why the aids figures look so terrible in our country. Scary stuff I know, but it is true.

    Have a super Sunday!